Soundbath + Meditation

Monday July 17, 7:30–9pm
Hosted by Harpreet Kaur
$25 Regular / $20 Members
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Come join us in an intimate Soundbath & Meditation session at the Women’s Center for Creative Work as part of their ongoing Summer Series. Every Soundbath event with Harpreet is Unique . There is always a special guest on an instrument. This Monday’s session will start promptly at 7.30 with light Breath work, followed by Yoganidra, a Soundbath and a few moments after to share our experiences.

The Yoganidra/Guided Meditation helps to rewire the nervous system and lower cortisol levels to help you function in a healthier mind and body way as well as slowly alter your epigenetics that can be greatly effected by stress we are literally chasing the past lives away by retaking back our Genetic Code from maybe generations of Oppression, Imperialism and Trauma of the Capitalist system in this Patriarchy has burdened our bodies with and maybe just from a traumatic recent experience.

The Theta and beta waves created by the clear quartz bowls are the waves that your brain naturally makes when the body is resting and calm along with the hypnotic Yoganidra this helps one be awake but completely tuned to that moment right before your brain hits REM sleep so you are still conscious and lucid but in a complete state of rest and calm.

Wear super comfy clothes. Please bring a blanket to keep you cozy and a pillow if you like. I will have carpets out, but if you have a yoga mat, it will be even cozier for you. Water to drink.

Our program costs go directly towards compensation of the instructors and staffers who work the event. We want to make programming as accessible as possible to anyone who is interested, however, so we offer volunteer opportunities in exchange for membership, as well as free community tickets to each program (number varies depending on capacity of the class). Email [email protected] for more info or to find out more about these opportunities for a specific event.