Skin Hunger: A Social Workshopping Series

Skin Hunger: A Social Workshopping Series, with Guest Bianca Laurenano
Thursday, May 13 2021, 5–6pm PST
Hosted By: Margaret Andersen with guest speaker Bianca I Laureano, PhD, MA2, CSES (she / her / Dr.)
Max Participants: 25

Skin Hunger is an intersectional workshop series centering the experiences of disabled and immunocompromised folx in the era of COVID-19. Through guest speaker lectures and group discussions, we’ll explore the political hegemonies that create skin hunger and the intersections for/among disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQIA community/ies, that can foster self and/or community care.

ASL interpretation available.

Bianca I Laureano is an award-winning educator and sexologist. She is a founding member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) and her most recent project is ANTE UP! a virtual freedom school offering professional development and certification. She has written several curricula and is the lead writer for the Netflix film Crip Camp’s curriculum rooted in Disability Justice principles. She is an AASECT certified sexuality educator and supervisor, and in May 2020 was awarded an honorary doctorate from the California Institute for Integral Studies for her work in expanding the US sexuality field. Find out more about Bianca at her website and about ANTE UP!.

Sunday, November 22, 4pm
Hosted by: Margaret Andersen

The term “skin hunger” refers to the biological need for human touch, and throughout the pandemic we’ve all felt starved for physical contact at some point. But even though quarantine restrictions have eased for the general public, many disabled and immunocompromised community members must continue to physically isolate until there is a viable treatment or vaccine available. Skin Hunger is a peer support group centering anyone with a disability or chronic illness who is experiencing an intimacy deficit now or prior to COVID-19. Join us on our new Discord server to explore how we can redefine intimacy at a time when physical closeness has become a high risk activity. 

ASL interpretation available.