Sick Circle

Wednesdays, April 4 & 18, 7–9 pm
Facilitated by Katherine Williams
Free / RSVP here

Sick Circle is an an inclusive support group for cis and trans women and non-binary folks living with chronic pain or illness.

It is a compassionate safe space for attendees to discuss the difficulties of struggling with long term or recurring illness such as isolation, employment challenges, relationship issues, self-blame and invisibility. Sick Circle is not a class or advice session, it is an open forum for individuals to share their experiences and offer peer support. Some meetings may begin with a theme used as a conversation prompt. Topics may include: self-advocacy, dealing with male doctors, feeling dismissed, fear of the future, navigating insurance and disability claims, feeling like you can’t keep up with your peers, etc.

Sick Circle will take place every other Wednesday during the Health/Care quarter.

Katherine Williams, L. Ac. is a Board Certified, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of California. She earned her Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Dongguk University, Los Angeles in 2012. While earning her degree she completed a three year clinical internship, specializing in pain management, at DULA’s Oriental Medical Center in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Following the completion of her licensure, she worked for two years as clinic manager and associate acupuncturist at Float: Chinese Medical Arts, a high volume private clinic in Glendale, CA, specializing in women’s health.

Originally from Rhode Island, Katherine’s background is in the fine arts. She received her bachelor’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. She loved working with her hands and mostly pursued textiles and sculpture. A near lifelong spinal impairment and chronic pain lead her to pursue acupuncture treatments many years ago. She became fascinated with the medicine and decided to learn more. She fell in love with how the medicine is both a science and an art form.

Her own experience has taught her much about the difficulties of managing a long-term or recurrent health condition. With a sensitivity to how it may affect every aspect of life; physical, emotional, functional, relational and beyond, she has become passionate about guiding others in taking control of their health, and helping them piece together a strategy that will allow them to optimize their individual situation.