Rolling Deep: Womxn in Film Potluck

August 1, 7–9pm
Presented by Brandy Eggerman & Jing Niu
Max 20
Free~ RSVP Required

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Rolling Deep is discussion based potluck for womxn and gnc folx working in film to share skills, learnings, and resources in a safe and come-as-you-are environment hosted at the Women’s Center for Creative Work. 

This year’s theme is around *budgets* and we’re holding space to talk. about. it. with you all! We’ll have more specific questions at your tables, but do not trip about preparing. Please bring yourself and your brain and just do your best! This might mean you walk into the space not knowing how to build a budget but maybe you worked on a project where the money didn’t seem quite right, or maybe budgets are your jam you but want to hear feedback from peers about pressure points when cutting costs. 

Rolling Deep is a community of filmmakers built around the principles of having each other’s backs, reminding each other that we’re never alone, and providing confidence that if you’re ever in trouble you’ve always got someone who’s going to come and help you.

Jing Nu is an award-winning filmmaker dedicated to telling stories with poeticism. She lives to tell stories featuring strong female leads, and to paint communities of color in a new light. Jing holds a MFA from Duke University and has a penchant for deadpan humor.

Brandy Eggermann is a Los Angeles based writer and producer. Brandy’s work centers collective memory and the power of imagination. Brandy graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor’s in Writing for Film and Television.

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