Reproductive Health Skills

Hosted by Esme Germaine Chôque-Torres
Wednesday June 21, 7:30pm–9:30pm

This will be a workshop to learn about different reproductive health topics and skills that is focused on bodies with vaginas, ovaries, and/or uteruses. 1. We will explore different ailments of those body parts, with a focus on vaginal infections/UTIs; how to identify them, and a range of different prevention and treatment options. 2. We will also talk about identifying the different phases of the menstrual cycle, using a variety of methods. 3. Lastly, we will talk briefly about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), with a focus on HPV infection or whichever ones the participants would like to focus on. The goal is to have this workshop be as interactive as possible; a time and space where we can all share our knowledge and wisdom on these topics. All are welcome to attend.

Esme Germaine Chôque-Torres has worked in reproductive health for over five years, but even before she worked in the field she had an interest in reproductive health as a teen. She was raised by a single dad without many resources and did not have enough information about her body as she was growing up. As a result, when she was​a young adult she spent a lot of time and energy in figuring ​it out, and specifically focusing on perspectives ​that weren’t mainstream, commercial, ​and ​patriarchal.

She spent 2 years working in clinical care at Planned Parenthood​, ​and now works in public health on a myriad of large and small scale sexual and reproductive health programs. She misses working one-on-one with people and sharing about the biological wonders of reproductive well-being, which is what motivated her to facilitate this workshop. Esme holds a BA in anthropology, an MS in public health, and an MA in Latin American studies.