Project Management Workshop

This three hour workshop is a practical guide to the basics of project management including how to conceptualize and create timelines and budgets, ongoing scheduling and tracking strategy, and best practices for handling the relational aspect of working with collective members, clients, and vendors before during and after projects. The workshop is intended to provide overarching tools for creative people managing their own projects, those hired to execute one-off projects, as well as those with ongoing initiatives like a collective or organization they manage. The tools covered can be scaled and used to execute anything from a small artist publication to substantial events and programs, or the operation of a major ongoing project. To get the most out of this event, come prepared with a sample project you’re looking to workshop and prepare to open your heart to excel sheets.

Sarah Williams is a Co-founder and Managing Director of Women’s Center for Creative Work. Through WCCW, and her 10 years of consulting work with ForYourArt and other arts organizations, she has successfully managed and executed a multitude of projects from small publications to projects, exhibitions and events at major institutions throughout Los Angeles.

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