Open Tech Lab: You Don’t Have to Finish that Shit Sandwich!

How to Deal with Trolls and Online Hate for Feminist, Queer, and POC Activists, Artists, and Techies

Friday, February 5th, 7-9pm
$5-$10 suggested donation

A panel discussion followed by a technical workshop for feminist, queer, and POC who, every day, online and in social media, have to deal with trolls, hate, microaggressions, and various kinds of anti-sjw shit sandwiches. The panel discussion will feature LA-based artists and activists Aliah Magdalena Dark, Patricia Realini, Ann Hirsch, and a special-guest skype-in from Seren Sensei. A technical workshop led by Emma Cunninham will follow, covering the basics of how to block, how to engage (if you choose to), and other self-care tech tips.

This is the first event of a once-a-month Open Tech Lab series, co-organized with The Processing Foundation’s Initiative Program, to bring issues of technology, the internet, and coding into feminist and anti-racist practice. The title is taken from a video by youtube activist blogger Seren Sensei.

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