Mujer Mariposa

coalition programming

Friday, Mar 24, 7:30-9:30pm
Led by Diana Cervera

This dynamic workshop will fuse theatre, spoken word, and dialogue centered around healing, corporal narratives, and empowerment of migrant and diaspora communities through art making practice. The aim is to create a space of plurality where the diverse narratives of self-identified womxn representing different perspectives and corporealities intertwine to create representations that serve as counternarratives to static representations of migrant womxn. In light of the anti-immigrant rhetoric used by the Trump campaign to target multiple minoritized and underrepresented groups, this workshop directly embodies the idea of working across lines of difference, uniting struggles through sharing perspective and lived experience. The intention of the space is to create critical dialogue among womxn by engaging the ideas of motherhood, migration, and visibility in popular media.
*(space also will be open to non-women identified community)

Mujer Mariposa is an original multimedia project dedicated to migrant and refugee womxn; womxn who are at the margin and periphery of society. Fusing spoken word, film and acoustic music, this project aims to bring visibility to those whose struggles go unseen, whose valor goes unnoticed and is erroneously criminalized and invisibilized. The project, including workshops with womxn from various communities, launched in March 2016. It has screened in Southern California at UCSD, SDSU, Digital Gym, Cal State Fullerton, and most recently in Mexico City.