Mapping Whiteness

Saturday, Jun 24, 2-5pm
Presented by The School of Otherness

The School of Otherness will host an event to deconstruct whiteness through personal cartography. Facilitators will set whiteness in various historical contexts and introduce different mapping techniques. We will then create maps, diagramming the ways in which we participate in and benefit from whiteness. A group discussion of the maps created will follow. No artistic or cartographic experience required, except a willingness to draw. Supplies will be provided.

The School of Otherness seeks to empower marginalized identities through storytelling, forums, and workshops that process experiences of the other. These events are documented and shared as public discourses, providing an accessible resource for civic duty and self-care through self-education. Through intersectional feminist and decolonial lens, we aim to recontextualize United States history from multiple perspectives, challenging the singular narrative established through white supremacy, imperialism, capitalism, and cisheteropatriarchy.