LA for Choice Clinic Defense Volunteer Training

Sunday, April 22, 11am-1:30pm
Presented by LA for Choice
30 participants maximum
Free / RSVP Required

LA for Choice is the only organization in Los Angeles that walks patients and companions into abortion clinics in the LA area. Right now, we escort at the FPA in Downey CA in three shifts every Sunday. If you can be calm and collected in the face of angry noisy protestors, and want to chat up and make friends with other folks in the LA area that care about reproductive justice, this volunteer opportunity might be for you. Come get trained to be a clinic escort!

L.A. for Choice was founded in the fall of 2009 after the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. Our original name was 40 Days for Choice, in response to a nationwide anti-choice campaign that targets clinics twice a year for 40 days of intensified harassment. Our goal in the beginning was to provide volunteer escorts for clients of the local clinic that was targeted during these periods of escalated tension, but we soon realized that this 40-day campaign was only a small part of the year-round effort to harass and intimidate clinic patients all over Los Angeles.

To reflect our expanded mission, we changed our name to L.A. for Choice, and now our volunteers come out every weekend to provide a friendly face and supportive voice to those seeking reproductive health care in Los Angeles.

For more information about us or if you would like to volunteer as an escort, please email [email protected] or visit