Getting Fed by Your Feed: Curating an Instagram Diet

Wednesday, February 28, 7:30-9:30pm
Presented by Mandy Harris-Williams & #BrownUpYourFeed
20 participants maximum
$1-10 sliding scale donation

Sliding Scale Donations $1-10 depending on distance from media norms: $10 for cis white femme presenting women, $1 QTBIPOC,  everyone else sort yourselves in between please.

Numbering in 500 million daily users, Instagram is a spacious network for connecting with friends, sharing admiration, divining inspiration, and conveying ideas. But as a platform driven by photos and images, Instagram is often derivative of previous photography ecologies: the politics of representation + access to machines and technical skills replicate the usual hierarchies of status and privilege.

In this workshop for Instagram users, Mandy Harris-Williams presents and trains you in protocol that helps you understand your relationship to social media. Participants will create goals and boundaries that help to organize your interactions, keep you safe, and get fed by your feed.

Mandy Harris-Williams is a theorist, conceptual artist, writer, educator and blogger, and the Director of #BrownUpYourFeed. She loves and thinks a lot. Follow her at @idealblackfemale on Instagram and @Mandy_thinks on Twitter.