Film Night: Peruvian Indigenous Communities

Wednesday, Nov 8, 7-9pm
Presented by Ayni Institute
Max 40 participants

Let’s protect Memory together by honoring the ancestral traditions of an indigenous community in the Peruvian Andes.

Every year, the K’anas communities surrounding the Apurimac River reconstruct the last remaining Inca bridge. Witness their Minka (collective work) and Ayni (reciprocity) through various festivities over the course of four days in “Q’eshwachaka.” A discussion and Q&A will follow the screening.

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Fhatima Paulino and Rodrigo Saavedra coordinate the Ayni Institute Memory Program. We believe that no real or meaningful change can take place without reclaiming who we truly are and where we come from. As we face a crisis of losing wisdom and memory that spans thousands of years, we must honor and preserve our indigenous roots. We are currently focused on supporting the holistic documentation of practices and lives of indigenous communities of the Amazon and Andes in order to continue their storyteller traditions.