Every Struggle is a Class Struggle: Socialism for Feminists

Saturday, May 20, 1–3pm
Hosted by Socialist-Feminist Committee of DSA-LA

Politically engaged feminists probably hear the word “socialism” often, but what is it exactly? Is it the Affordable Care Act? Is it “Bernie-bros?” Does it help feminism?

Come join members of LA’s Democratic Socialists of America chapter to discuss these and many other questions about democratic socialism… and to learn about ongoing leftist activism you can participate in locally. We’ll cover topics ranging from reproductive justice to queer socialism to racial justice, and distribute free/cool zines full of art and further reading.

Feminists of all political persuasions are welcome to attend this event. Different feminists may vote for different people, but socialist thinking can be a powerful tool for all of us. (DSA is not a political party BTW; no one’s going to ask you to change your party affiliation.)

As bell hooks wrote has written, “Placing class on feminist agendas opened up the space where the intersections of class and race were made apparent.” As socialist feminists, we think that talking about class struggle is essential to truly a intersectional feminism. Many of us are femme and queer leftists of color saying HEY NO THANKS to the pervading white maleness in many socialist circles.

Let’s talk about the ills of capitalism in a bro-free environment!