Chakra Mapping and Art Workshop

Saturday Sept 23, 1-5pm
Facilitated by Raghubir Kintisch
Max 15 participants
$24 Member* / $30 Regular

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Chakras are energy centers in the body that help to maintain our physical, spiritual and emotional balance. When they are blocked, it can often lead to physical and emotional discomfort. Knowing how they work both together and independently of each other can inspire creativity, joy, vibrant health and a sense of well-being. Through Kundalini yoga and meditation, we will explore the nature of each of the eight chakras and have the opportunity to reflect on our own personal experience inside of the meditations. Using art materials we provide or those you choose to bring from home, we will map these creative energy centers in our bodies on our own personal life-size self-portraits.

You could expect to come away with not only a full body energy portrait and a deep understanding of how the chakras work in and around you, but also a profound afternoon of healing, relaxation, and creative play. Snacks will be served, Gong relaxation included.

Raghubir Kintisch is an artist and educator; teaching both art (at LACHSA) and Kundalini yoga and meditation around town. Her interest as an artist is to open conversations about how we access and interact with the subtle realms and how spiritual practice and art practice are synergistically related. Kintisch helps artists to share their sensitivity and skills with the planet in any way possible that uplifts and transforms community, the environment, and each other. She uses yogic tools and technology to increase awareness of our human condition and to raise group consciousness as a result. For more information visit: and

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