DIY Art Documentation Workshop

This event has been canceled.

Part 1: Thursday, November 1, 7-9pm
Part 2: Wednesday, November 7, 7-9pm
Presented by Stacie Jaye Meyer
Max 25 Participants
$55 Regular / $44 Members
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Just had a studio visit and you want to follow up with a few photos, but you haven’t had time to call a photographer over to document your work? Or maybe you want to submit your work to a call and realize that the deadline is two days away & there’s no time to get the work professionally shot. You need high quality photos, fast! What do you do?

While having  professional images of your work is optimal, there are times when it is not possible to get a photographer to your studio — especially on a tight budget. This workshop has been created with both these things in mind. You’ll learn to take quick pics for a tight turnaround plus basic information about digital images! We’ll discuss optimizing images taken on newer smartphones, point-and-shoot, and consumer grade DSLR. See below for details on what the course will cover.

Part I: Lecture

+ Navigating digital images, file size and resolution / DPI

+ The differences between camera phone / point and shoot / DSLR

+ What camera and sensor best meets your needs

+ Lighting, daylight vs. simple lighting set ups

+Working on a low budget reviewing equipment options to create your own set up

+Making the best of phone pics for social media, framing, lighting, cropping

+Why is it important to have high quality images

+Basic tips on creating an archive

Part II: Now that you have a better understanding of some of the technical stuff behind getting a good quality image, lets test out what you’ve learned. In part two we will:

+ Discuss and demonstrate how to set up lights to evenly illuminate an artwork

+ What type of lighting is best for your art

+ Tips and tricks for framing your shot

+ How to make quick adjustments to a picture – while shooting as well as in post production

Bring a piece of art no larger than 18 x 24 to document. Optional: Bring any equipment (camera, lights) that you already own.

Stacie Jaye is a photographer and artist who documents art. For the last two decades she has been behind the camera taking pictures to accurately represent and archive artwork. Stacie is passionate about sharing what she knows and helping artists create high quality images that represent their work.

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