A Women’s Dinner in the Desert

March 16, 2013
In a dry wash outside of Pioneertown, CA

45 women hiked fifteen minutes into the raw desert to commune around the ideas of homesteading and wildness. There were lanterns, vegan potato tacos, colorful panchos, quilts, wine, readings, pies, a composting toilet, and a humming ceremony, among other things.


Akina Cox
Allison Behrstock
Alyse Emdur
Angela Suchey
Ann Friedman
Anna Åstrand
Andrea Fontenot
Andrea Zittel
Aurora Tang
Brigitte Grice
Caitline Deane
Claire L. Evans
Cristina Paul
Eileen Hsu
Elonda Billera Norris
Erin Schneider

Gail Swanland
Jade R. Thacker
Jan Swanland
Jen Hofer
Jen Scappettone
Juliette Bellocq
Kate Johnston
Katie Bachler
Katie Ryan
Kelly Gazlay
Kelly Herbinson
Kris Jackson
Lake Sharp
Laura Bernstein
Lucy Cook

Lucy Greene
Maria Jose Quiros
Maryam Hosseinzadeh
Meagan Yellott
Nicole Darling
Nina Mamikunian
Olga Koumoundouros
Reanna Alder
Samantha Roth
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Williams
Sonia Brenner
Sophie Lee
Stephanie Smith
Thea Lorentzen