A Note to Our Community Re: COVID-19

Please note, that in line with government directives, WCCW will be closed for all purposes, including outdoor compost drop off until further notice. We will keep information updated here and on social media, and will be back as soon as it’s safe! 

Hello WCCW Community, 

We imagine that you, like us here at WCCW, are questioning how best to protect yourself and your community in light of increased reports of COVID-19 and its speculated spread in Los Angeles County and beyond. 

We take our position as a cultural and social hub seriously and are keeping up on local, national, and international reports on the matter; reading best practice suggestions for curbing spread; and considering how we can care for those who will be most significantly impacted. 

Much of the information on the disease and its transference highlight two main strategies that we as individuals can take to help curb the effects–bolstering hygiene and cleaning practices, and social distancing. Because we had already slowed events due to our upcoming move, we are lucky to be in a position where we can be cautious without severe impact on anyone’s livelihood, and want to use that privilege to model care for each other and our community. 

In light of this, a few things are are doing: 

  • Making plans to close the workspace and have staff work remotely starting Monday, March 16th, a decision we will review weekly as things progress. 
  • Postponing, cancelling, or finding remote presentation options for all programs and events until further notice
  • Considering how we might use this year’s Emergency Health Grant to support those being most affected by the virus, while continuing to support those with other urgent health issues — stay tuned, the grant will launch shortly. 
  • Gathering information that will be especially relevant to our creative community as the effects of the virus likely ramp up and people become sick, or lose wages due to closures and cancellations. (if you have resources, please send them to [email protected]). 

Please wash your hands, stay home if and when you can, stay informed, and consider how you can help those who will be most affected by COVID-19 and its subsequent impact.