Healing Roots Meditation

Presented by Wikkid_Beat 
Saturday Feb 11th, 2-4pm

This event was a guided meditation and had a community altar that guests were encouraged to contribute to. POC were encouraged to attend. Allies were welcome. Guests were able to visit and contribute to the altar within the space of mediation. The guided meditation lasted an hour, facilitated by Karine Fleurima who provided the beats as well as the meditation instruction. After the meditation period, participants were invited to share their thoughts and post them to the altar.

Karine Fleurima is an Afrofuturistic sound artist that creates immersive spaces with abstracted African vocalizations and fat beats. She has performed in New York City as a performance artist as well as the Aurora Festival in downtown Dallas for a crowd of 30,000 people. Currently, she is working on creating guided meditations for the black community to heal against police brutality and the effects of systemic oppression.