Each quarter during Fall, Winter and Spring, the WCCW explores a specific theme with a creative in residence and related programming. During the summer we take a break from regularly scheduled programming to pursue special projects.

Programming Theme for Summer 2017 – Summer Skill Share

Past Programming Themes

Spring 2017 – Coalition
Winter 2016/2017 – Co-Struggle
Fall 2016 – Civics
Spring 2016 – Magic
Winter 2016 – Soft Power

All programming at the WCCW supports our mission of cultivating L.A.’s feminist creative communities and practices. We accept applications for programming which are reviewed by our programming committee on a quarterly basis. The committee is dedicated to the goal of radical inclusivity, and privileges proposals that clearly connect to the mission and core values of the organization. We are excited by programming that addresses these ideas and the quarterly theme in experiential, personal, tangible, as well as institutional and abstract ways. We are invested in the idea that through individual programs, and the experiences of each person in them, the larger work of building communities and reframing creative conversations unfolds.


Core Values

The Women’s Center for Creative Work is a safe space where:
•Self-determination, respect, and care for oneself and others is maintained above all else
•We care for and respect the organization, its capacity, its facilities, and its participants
•There is a radically expansive understanding of feminism, what is a woman, and what is female experience
•There is a radically expansive understanding of creative practice
•Cis women, trans women, femme and non-binary folks are in a place of preference, unqualified and unapologetically
•We cultivate a spirit of generosity and joy
•We honor our ever-expanding network as a valuable resource
•We advocate for feminism as an active and evolving practice


Programming Restrictions

Due to the constraints of the space and the neighborhood, there are some restrictions on programs and events:
•No loud music
•No parties where more than 100 people are expected
•Nothing that goes past 10pm on a weeknight or 11pm on Friday or Saturday

Applicants may be asked to modify their proposals: if, for example, a workshop might be a better fit at a later time, or if a program might benefit from conversation with other proposed events. The WCCW is strongly committed to supporting the creators of the programming it hosts. WCCW is largely volunteer run, and we ask that those submitting proposals adhere to our core value of honoring the capacities of the organization, its facilities, and its participants. We ask that those applying be prepared to manage the execution of their proposed programming.


Programming Application Timelines

Applications are evaluated once each quarter by the WCCW Programming Committee.

Spring quarter is March-May; application deadline January 15
Summer is taken off from regularly scheduled programming to pursue special projects
Fall quarter is September-November; application deadline July 15
Winder quarter is December-February; application deadline Oct 15

Announcements for quarterly programming will be made by February 1, August 1 and November 1. The schedule may be subject to change.

Submit A Proposal for Programming at the WCCW

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the process, would like to be on the programming committee, or would like to let the committee know more about the programs you want to see available at the WCCW, please send an email to