This Is Not A Gun

Saturday, December 16, 10am-1pm
Hosted by Cara Levine & guests
25 participants maximum
Suggested donation $5-10

This is Not A Gun: A participatory ceramic workshop at WCCW

A sandwich is not a gun.
A hairbrush is not a gun.
A wallet is not a gun.

These items come from a list of 23 objects that have been mistaken for guns by police officers in civilian shootings since 2001*. The workshop encourages participants to give presence to these objects, calling attention to their not-gun-ness by sculpting their shape in clay. This Is Not A Gun endeavors to carve out time and space to site these issues within our own bodies and stories, without presuming a total understanding of this historically dense and complicated crisis. This gathering upholds a non-judgemental space for sharing amongst anyone who participates. The space is held by local artists, activists and mindfulness collaborators.

Please join us in an effort to honor and unpack what is before us through a collaborative art-making workshop and dialogue.

All materials are provided. Drop-ins are welcome, though we encourage you to stay a while.


*Harpers Magazine Dec 2016

Cara Levine is an artist exploring the intersections of physical, metaphysical, and traumatic through an expanded sculpture and socially engaged practice. Since January, she has been working on This Is Not A Gun. In it she carves objects mistaken as guns by police and hosts workshops on gun violence and race. More information here.  @thisisnotagun #thisisnotagun