Unit Origami Geometric Shapes Workshop

Sunday, Apr 10, 2016, 10am-1pm
$5-10 donation for materials

“Unit” means you learn to make one folded piece. Origami is paper folding and we will use square sheets of origami paper. Each geometric shape can be made from the indicated numbers of origami papers folded into a particular unit. We will make a gyroscope (12)  and a magic star (8). You may also choose to make: cube (6), stellated dodecahedron (12), or stellated icosahedron (30) as time allows.

Connie Vandergriff is a retired math teacher who used origami to teach geometry. For someone who never considered herself artistic, she was delighted to discover the art of paper folding. Geometric shapes are colorful, symmetric and fun to make. She’ll bring some origami books that participants can look at to get more ideas. She lives in Los Angeles with her spouse, Kathleen, and their dog Abby. They love exploring LA from the ocean to the LA River, and enjoying the many cultural events here. Her other interests include taking photos of nature, learning about space exploration, and meeting people.
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