Asking the Plants about Abundance

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 5-7pm
$10 Suggested donation at the door
Led by Jennifer Armbrust

We will gather in the garden at the Women’s Center to ask the plants about abundance. Through a series of readings and meditations, we will begin to think deeply about needs, wants and the sustainable life. Nature is abundance embodied—it can teach us about being, dissolve our fears around scarcity, and show us how to subsist and thrive in non-violent ways. Participants will be guided to communicate directly with the plants, asking for wisdom and guidance around money, abundance and support. We then share with each other what we have learned from the flora. Attendees will be given a copy of the meditation to take with them.

Jennifer Armbrust is an artist and advisor living in Los Angeles. She is the principal of Armbrust & Co, a creative consultancy where she advises artists, executives, and entrepreneurs on feminist business models and teaches Feminist Business School  She also writes about the feminine economy and the collisions of gender, art, business, and economics. She holds a degree in Critical Theory from The Evergreen State College. This meditation was borne out of Armbrust’s work with two healers—an intuitive counselor and an acupuncturist— and is part of a larger body of work, “Money Studies”.

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