Tarot Journeys Workshop Series

Tuesdays, May 10th–June 14th, 7-9pm
FLOW Lounge
$45 WCCW Member / $50 Regular for series

Discover what the tarot has to offer you. In this supportive circle, you will learn to read tarot intuitively without the use of any book. Through guided meditation, you’ll tap into your deep inner wisdom—the all-knowing collective unconscious realm—so that you may further your path of personal growth. The High Priestess, number II in the tarot, is the gatekeeper to your higher self, and with the help of the circle, she is ready to let you in. Each week we will use tarot to dig a little bit deeper to discover new realms of our psyches, and through writing exercises and group sharing and support, we’ll complete a cycle of self-discovery and transformation.

Please bring a tarot deck (a few extras will be available to use if you can’t bring one) and a journal.

May 10: Discovery (Where is my path leading?)
May 17: Centering (What is my heart’s message?)
May 24: Shadow Work (What needs to come into the light?)
May 31: Healing (How can I nurture self-love?)
June 7: Release (What is holding me back?)
June 14: Synthesis (What am I to learn?)

Charlotte Dick is an Intuitive Counselor specializing in deep explorations of the self through tarot and dreams. An empath since childhood, she channels her intuitive abilities and knowledge of the human experience into helping people discover their hidden potentials and spiritual paths. She has been reading tarot for 15 years, and has an extensive background in counseling, feminist psychology, Jungian archetypes, and the current prevailing traditions of tarot. She can be found at www.dreamintuition.com.


While most WCCW programming is free or donation-based, with no one turned away for lack of funds, we do offer some workshops that have fees associated. This covers materials and allows us to pay the leaders of these workshops for their time and expertise, and to put a small percentage back into WCCW. This income, in addition to memberships, is what lets us keep the doors open and the lights on. We want to make programming as accessible as possible to anyone who is interested though, so we also offer volunteer opportunities and free community tickets to each event or workshop (number varies depending on capacity of the class).Email info@wccw.us for more info or to find out more about this opportunity for a specific event.