Call for Proposals Summer 2018: Control

Our submission period is now closed. Click on the button below to check out the Control programming happening this summer!

Submission deadline is March 9, 2018.
Programming will take place between May and July, 2018.

When we think about the tension between coercion and consent, we often point to the cultural forces that shape our lives: the ways that women and femmes are socialized to be accommodating; the rigidity and persistence of social hierarchies; the cultural narratives that normalize domination, objectification, and abuse of power and privilege (injustices we’re so used to that many don’t seem to recognize them as injustices at all). For some of us, compliance with these narratives is unthinking, automatic. We consent to things we aren’t sure we want. We’re willing participants in capitalism, ableism, whiteness, class and language hierarchies, rape culture, and the gender binary — systems that count on our reluctance to say “no.”

This summer, we’ll join the conversation around the #metoo movement for bodily autonomy with programs related to the idea of Control. We hope to present programming that speaks to us about autonomy and agency, power and coercion, resistance and refusal, and programming that challenges us to imagine new models.

We’ll be joined by artist in residence Yasmine Diaz, whose work addresses themes of gender, bicultural identity, memory, family honor, and shame—highlighted most pointedly through the medium of collage.

This quarter, we attempt to name the ways that we negotiate with power and add to the #metoo conversation about consent. Which experiences, identities, and collective practices might we refuse if given the opportunity? In what ways do we resist abuses of power? What would it feel like to have autonomy over our bodies? How do we learn to assert ourselves and to hold boundaries? What does it mean to take control?

Help us to imagine a more radical, empathetic, and consensual future by submitting proposals for summer programming at the WCCW!


All proposals will be reviewed by a programming board dedicated to the goal of radical inclusivity. We are particularly interested in programs led by those who have historically been marginalized in feminist spaces. Proposals and/or programs submitted by or centering people of color will be prioritized whenever possible. We accept proposals from trans and cis women and non-binary folks.

We are very happy to offer many free, low-cost, and donation-based events at the WCCW, and we encourage proposals presented in this way. Please keep this in mind when submitting your proposal.

At this time, we are only able to accept proposals submitted in English, but you may propose bilingual programming (English and another language) or programming in a language other than English.

Our submission form cannot be saved mid-session. Click here to download a PDF version to work from before filling out the online form.

We’re inspired by:

We are not surprised.
The Opposite of Rape Culture Is Nurturance Culture
“Me Too”: LGBTQ+ People And Sexual Assault”
Against Our Will by Susan Brownmiller
Yes Means Yes! by Jessica Valenti
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media
no” on The Heart
In Between
One of Us
The possibilities of radical consent
Building Consent Culture (with author Kitty Stryker)” on MultiAmory
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer
This Racism Is Killing Me Inside” on Code Switch
Shame – Sex, Honour, and Blackmail in an Online World (BBC)
Headscarves and Hymens by Mona Eltahawy
CTRL by SZA (yes, still, because it was the best album of 2017)

Application Timelines

Previously, the WCCW explored a specific theme with a creative-in-residence and related programming for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Past programming themes have included Health/CareCoalitionCo-StruggleCivics, & Magic.

Announcements for quarterly programming have traditionally been made by February 1, August 1 and November 1, for the following quarter. However, this schedule is subject to change. Please check this page for updated information. During the summer we take a break from regularly scheduled programming to pursue special projects.

Programming Restrictions

Due to the constraints of the space and the neighborhood, there are some restrictions on programs and events:

  • No loud music
  • No parties with more than 70 people are expected
  • Nothing that goes past 10pm on a weeknight or 11pm on Friday or Saturday
  • Nothing cost-prohibitive to our community

At this time, we are only able to accept proposals submitted in English, but you may propose bilingual programming (English and another language) or programming in a language other than English.

Applicants may be asked to modify their proposals: if, for example, a workshop might be a better fit at a later time, or if a program might benefit from conversation with other proposed events.

The WCCW is strongly committed to supporting the creators of the programming it hosts. However, we ask that those submitting proposals adhere to our core value of honoring the capacities of our small organization, its facilities, and its participants. Please be prepared to manage the execution of your proposed programming.

Please do note, general resources we do have: chairs, tables, floor cushions, projector, dishware, ice buckets, small speakers.

General resources we do not have: a mic or PA, spare laptops to run through the projector, monitors. Due to the small size of the space, readings don’t usually require mics.

The space can comfortably accommodate up to about ~40 people standing; 20 people can be comfortably seated at tables.

We recommend you stop by and see the space as a part of your planning process! Once you’ve visited, we can confirm set-up, what resources you’ll need, and go over any questions.

More accessibility information here.  

Program Fees & Compensation

We support women and non-binary folks in creating value around their work. We’re pleased to announce that beginning with Summer 2018 programs, all programmers will be compensated for hosting, regardless of the program cost.

For paid programs, programmers receive minimum 65% of all program income. WCCW has the option to cancel an event within three days of its scheduled date based on low interest for an event.

Programming fees are set by the program leaders, within a range that is realistic to what members of our community can afford. (Based on the demographics of our community, we cannot accept programs where the fee per attendee is higher than $15/hr + materials.)

We are very happy to offer many free, low-cost and donation based events ($10 suggested donation or less) at the WCCW, and we encourage proposals presented in this way.

Torchbearer level WCCW members get 20% off all paid programming while Warrior level members and above can attend for free. The free spots are first come, first served, and make up 25% of the program capacity. As the programer, you receive 70% of all program income.

We want to make programming as accessible as possible to anyone who is interested; no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We also offer free community tickets to each program (number varies depending on capacity of the class).