Tomorrow Girls Troop Artist Talk

Sunday, June 26th, 7-9pm
Led By Midori Ozak

Feminists whose genders and nationalities vary, Tomorrow Girls Troop produces internet-based, art projects focusing on gender inequality issues in Japan and Korea. Their work addresses ideas, such as autonomy, empowerment, sexual agency, rights, etc… in ways that are easy to digest, whether it be pop-culture, media, or academia. More info:

Midori Ozaki 尾崎翠 is a video artist/photographer, and the founder of the group. She began the group when she lived in Los Angeles as a new mother, and noticed the difference in lifestyles between the American mothers and Japanese mothers there, specifically how the Japanese mothers seemed to be restricted or stifled by cultural ideas of motherhood and gender roles compared to the American mothers. She realized that feminism and its ideas are necessary to empower women in Japan live freely and with joy, whether single or as mothers or wives, or workers, or students.