Hey Baby

Hey Baby Feminist Parenting Group was started at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in 2016 by Gilda Davidian. As the cornerstone activity of the Hey Baby community, children, babies and their caretakers are invited to gather together for a morning of play and connection with other families every two weeks. This is a space that provides much needed contact and support to counter the often-isolating experience of contemporary parenting. Parents, caretakers, and children can connect with collective wisdom, practical support, and a rich network of families to rely on. This face to face meeting time is complemented by an online presence found on the Hey Baby Facebook group where parents and caretakers can post questions, resources, and organize collectively toward shared goals and projects. Hey Baby has also organized community building, arts, & political education events including the monthly series Parenting as Protest, reading and discussion groups, and a Children’s Contingent for protests including the LA Women’s March. Ongoing parent-led Initiatives include a Childcare Co-Op, Toddler Art Classes, Baby Dance Parties, and Feminist Storytime. Contact Gilda.Davidian@gmail.com for more information about Hey Baby.