Issue 1 — Emergence: Feed Black Futures with Ali Anderson

The theme of SALIMA’s first issue is emergence. It’s a noun that goes back to the Latin root emergere, meaning “bring to light”. It can mean the revealing of something that was once hidden, or something rising to the surface. One may think of this in the literal sense or more metaphorically.

When we came up with this idea we thought we’d be coming out of quarantine by the time this magazine was be released –– however, like many others, we were sadly wrong about this pandemic’s timeline. While we may not be emerging from this pandemic, we are definitely emerging from many other things; letting go of hopelessness and stepping into new selves; learning how to ongoingly show up for communities and finding our roles in the social justice ecosystem; emerging into an era of humanity that ensures the safety and wellbeing of others in every action & on every level. That’s what you’ll find tying together all of the work in this issue.

We’ll have a new website soon, but until then, stay up to date by following us on Instagram at @salimamagazine.

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