Planting and Composting Workshop


Photo by Ian Hughes

Saturday, June 14, 10am–1pm
Los Angeles near Culver City

Cristina Paul welcomed the WCCW into her home and garden for a composting workshop. We enjoyed a collective salad, learned about how to make compost tea, how to raise a young seedling, and about the native plants of California.

Building connections with plants and micro-organisms helps us to connect to the processes that bring us together (Mother Earth!) and provides a sense of agency in being able to create the kind of world we want to exist in, one that is more inclusive of the multiplicities of life, ways we live, what we need, and how we connect; a feminist practice, a practice of WE! We are all made of energy, and light; let’s connect with some of those practices of living.

Everyone got to plant a seed or seedling to take home along with some compost tea and the knowledge to help nourish it. Cristina keeps outdoor chickens and grows much of her own food in her backyard in Los Angeles, and has created a deep and powerful space with California native plants. We shared space and time in a magical green pocket of L.A., and learned and created!