Pilot Light

Join us for a rad new pilot script reading, performed by talented actors, every month! In the film & television industry, a script reading is just a way to show off new work to an audience and get some feedback, but Pilot Light wants to celebrate that work, and we want the general public to get a glimpse into the process by making it a party, with comedians and entertainers opening up the night. Best of all: THE SHOW IS WRITTEN ENTIRELY BY WOMEN. 

Hosted by One Axe Plays
All events are free to the public. Donations gladly accepted.

One Axe Plays is a film/TV/theater collective for women writers, directors, and performers. We produce our Pilot Light monthly series, in addition to Rebecca Aranda’s Women of Color in Comedy Night, our One Axe showcases, and multiple one-off events, short films, and videos. We’re busy, and we’re always looking for new faces who want to take the lead on projects and programming. www.oneaxeplays.com


Pilot Light Events
June 24, 7pm
One Axe Plays is dipping into the metaphysical for the next installment of the Pilot Light reading and comedy series. Sylvia Batey Alcalá’s pilot script for DOOMSDAY MESSENGER SERVICE was a finalist in the Austin Film Fest writing competition (BIG DEAL, for REAL!). It’s a dark comedy about Grace Carpenter, an acerbic, alcoholic con artist who runs a scam to take advantage of Rapture believers. When the Rapture actually happens, it’s up to Grace to make good on her empty promises if she hopes to see her vanished loved ones again.
Opening up the night, we have some amazing comedians. Dawn Bower’s a regular at the Comedy Store and sharp as a razor blade. Vivian Martinez is an alt-comedy circuit champ, performing at iO West, UCB, and everywhere in between. Both are FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY.
Tecate, wine, and good times. Get to see a TV show brought to life before your very eyes!

May 27, 7-10pm
For our May 27 “Pilot Light” event, where we present new pilot scripts for future television shows on the stage with pro actors, One Axe Plays is electrifyingly ecstatically excited to present a new script from Pili Valdés and Jackie Brechner: GIRLS GONE VIRAL.
Taking cues from some real-life sh*t, GIRLS GONE VIRAL follows two professional women who fall into the trap of wishing for viral fame, accepting the consequences (and the hilarity) of what it means to really be a woman in the social media spotlight. Think SILICON VALLEY with the female friendship of Lucy and Ethel.
Opening the night, we are proud-like-moms to present THREE rad stand-up comedians: Bridgid Ryan, Erin Judge, and Virginia Jones. Bridgid can be found in many a viral video, Erin is a writer and performer extraordinaire of many faces, and Virginia is a resident “smart-ass with a heart of gold.”

April 29, 2016, 7-10pm
For our April “Pilot Light” event, we’ve got a wacky, magick-y buddy comedy for you from Kate Mickere.
A BANSHEE KILLED MY BOYFRIEND comes to us from a long tradition of supernatural comedies, from Bewitched and I Dream of Genie to Sabrina and Buffy.
When two women try to conjure up a boyfriend Practical Magic-style, they end up accidentally screwing up the entire metaphysical world, stranding banshees, seal women, and other magical (and pissed off) beings on Earth, with awkward and hilarious consequences.
Opening up the night, we’ll have some rad comedy for you from TBA, so come out, have a beer, and watch a brand new TV pilot script unfold with professional actors before your very eyes, LIVE!

Friday, March 25th, 7:30pm
In the third installment of our monthly “Pilot Light” series, we present a brand new pilot script from Claire Jia.
JUST JONY is the story of an Ivy-league overachiever who’s about to become the Hollywood P.F. Chang’s first Chinese server. Oh, also her parents are v. disappointed. Jony and her alter ego take on racists, deluded coworkers, and the tourist lunch rush on a quest to grow up and fulfill her maybe-potential.Opening up the night, comedian Danielle Soto will perform standup, and one other special guest TBA.
Come! Drink! Laugh! Sit on the vagina-like pillows!

Saturday, Feb 20, 7pm
In the second installment of One Axe Plays’ monthly “Pilot Light” reading series, we bring you Let’s Stop Being Losers, a story of two Gen-X women and the self-help video tapes they watch to become less terrible people, from Annie Girard and Becky Thyre. Opening the night, comedian Ceda Xiong will perform standup, and the women from Femmeprov will deliver a short set of lady improv. Join us for a beer, some comedic stylings, and comfortably uncomfortable moments.

Saturday, Jan 23, 7pm
One Axe Plays starts up their inaugural season ofPILOT LIGHT, a monthly program of professional stage readings of new pilots or feature scripts by female creators. The first script we’re producing is a dramedy from writer/director Tamar Halpern—5 DAYS 55 MILES. Opening the night, we also have two standup comedians—Raja Michael and Christine Medrina—who will make us laugh while we sip Tecates and wine.