Make Your Own Coloring Book

Sunday, Feb. 7th, 9am-12:30am
$25 Regular / $20 WCCW Members

Personally-made coloring books can be a fun and amazing way to share thoughts and messages. In this class, lead by Eileen Hsu, you will be able to imagine, design, and bind your own coloring book based on a theme of your own choosing. We will storyboard, draw, and mock-up the first book from which you can photocopy unlimited editions to share with friends and family for their coloring pleasure.

Per the theme of soft power, coloring a book is co-creating and be part of a message. Coloring a book is creative collaboration, personal investment, and making an idea belong to you in your own way. It is the opposite of top-down messaging which has been the old way of communication.



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