Intro to Song Building

Sunday, March 6th, 12-5pm
$40 / WCCW Members $30

…Back on up while I roll up my sleeves. – Missy Elliott
I don’t aim for perfection. – Kate Bush

A no-presh* introduction to an array of songwriting methods and rudimentary recording techniques. In this 4 hour workshop, participants are invited to explore the craft of writing and recording songs in a judgement-free environment. During the session, we will create an original collaborative song with common elements of popular music: samples, percussion, keyboard, guitar, and vocals.

Participants will leave with a copy of the song, a worksheet of tips and activities for further exploration, and tools to build further confidence in creating. Performing/recording experience is not necessary. A general interest in / curiosity about music is recommended.

* no pressure / no preciousness

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