Community Chorus

Every other Sunday 11am-1pm
Lead by Carolyn Riggs

Vocalizing is an act of protest!

Community Chorus is a bi-monthly safe singing space and activist chorus that will be on-call for protests, rallies, marches, and community-building events. Our goal is to provide an additional platform where participants can rally together in a collective expression of commitment to justice, bravery, beauty, change, action, protest, dissent.

The chorus requires no audition/prior skill, and no commitment. Chorus leader Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs will hold bi-monthly 90 minute gatherings with live accompaniment and monthly guest presenters.

Contemporary culture conditions the vast majority of us to feel aversion to our own voices – singing as well as speaking. Weekly Community Chorus classes will help participants become more comfortable with their own voices and the act of singing out.

*Organizers and activists: please contact to inform Community Chorus of protests, marches, rallies, and justice-oriented events.

Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs is a Los Angeles-based composer and multi-media artist. She is one half of the duo Bouquet, and creator/composer of the choral/movement piece, Song of Eurydice.