Afternoon Tea at the Gamble House

Sunday, September 28th, 2014  3–6pm
The Gamble House: 4 Westmoreland Pl, Pasadena

We were excited to present an Afternoon Tea at the Gamble House in conjunction with Machine Project! Participants shared an afternoon with Pasadena’s leading ladies from 1909. Iced tea was be served alongside sweet and savory snacks created from honored Gamble-family recipes. Visitors enjoyed light musical entertainment by the talented Erin Schnieder; as well an informative presentation by Maggie Wineland, USC School of Architecture’s 2013-14 Scholar-In-Residence at the Gamble House, on historic women’s clubs of Southern California. Between 4 and 5pm, guests had the opportunity to take special tours focusing on women’s spaces and work by female artisans in the Gamble House.

Jayne Kennedy
Natalie Baack
Lucy Cook
Kristen Havens
Dina Sherman
Mary Danzer
Sharon Cohen
Jody Forrester
Mya Stark
Jena Lee
Catherine Wagley
Molly Purnell
Lydia Glenn-Murray
Sarah Williams
Kate Johnston
A. Wolfe
Anna Kryczka
Erin Schneider
Lenae Day
Maggie Wineland