What We Do & Who We Are
Founded in 2013, the Women’s Center for Creative Work, or WCCW, is a not-for-profit organization that cultivates LA’s feminist creative communities and practices.

Combining a co-workspace on the LA river in Frogtown, project incubation facilities, residency programs, a rapidly growing network of over 16,000 followers, and a full calendar of artistic and professional development programming for female creatives, WCCW advocates for female-led creative businesses and projects in Los Angeles.

The WCCW is simultaneously the practice of its directors –designer Kate Johnston and producer Sarah Williams– as well as a platform for our growing community’s ideas, works and projects. Through our Nodes Program we incubate kindred projects by providing insight, consultation, and access to our network.

Core Values
The Women’s Center for Creative Work is a safe space where:
•Self-determination, respect & care for oneself + others is maintained above all else
•We care for & respect the organization, its capacity, its facility & its participants
•There is a radically expansive understanding of feminism, what is a woman & what is female experience
•There is a radically expansive understanding of creative practice
•Cis women, trans women, femme and non-binary folks are in a place of preference, unqualified & unapologetically
•We cultivate a spirit of generosity & joy
•We honor our ever-expanding network as a valuable resource
•We advocate for feminism as an active & evolving practice

The Women’s Center for Creative Work was founded in 2013 by artist Katie Bachler, graphic designer Kate Johnston and producer Sarah Williams. After visiting the exhibition Doin’ It in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s Building at Otis College of Art and Design, we were inspired, but felt discouraged: we looked for something akin to the historic Los Angeles Woman’s Building operating in the present day, but could not find anything like it. We felt as though contemporary feminism was in a state of self-examination: many women in the public eye did not self identify as feminists, others treated it as a bad word. We decided to bring our community together to talk about contemporary feminism and its trajectory in a convivial setting with A Women’s Dinner in the Desert and then A Women’s Dinner in the City, two events which galvanized our community in powerful ways we hadn’t quite anticipated. The need for such events had been churning just under the surface; with those first two dinners we tapped the makings of an exuberant community of women ready to connect and collaborate, discuss and support each other. The network was already forming! We were compelled by this burgeoning community to consolidate, host more events, to give it a name. The Women’s Center for Creative Work was born.

During the first year after our founding the WCCW engaged in a nomadic research and development phase called Year Long Laboratory, in preparation for settling into a permanent physical space. We participated in residencies, hosted panels, discussions, workshops & dinners in order to examine different institutional paradigms, network organizational structures, community models, and collective workspace arrangements to inform our groundwork for an organization that can be nurturing to its community as it continues to grow and change.

In the Spring of 2015 we moved into our current location on the bank of the LA River in Frogtown, which houses our offices, community workspace, and the majority of our programming.

How to Get Involved  
The WCCW is only possible because of all the amazing community members that take part! If you’re just getting to know us, we suggest attending some of our free community programming, coming to work at the communal workspace, or shooting us an email and introducing yourself.

We are always taking ideas and project proposals from our community. If you would like to submit a proposal for programming at the WCCW you may do so here. Email us at with any other comments, questions or suggestions.

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