Coalition Resident – Intersectionality NOW


Intersectionality NOW is a collective that believes FEMINISM NOW must be intersectional (we reject hierarchies based on race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, or age) & that it must work to AMPLIFY the most marginalized women & that it must learn to listen and to check its privilege. We want our feminism to be fun but also make us uncomfortable. We want our feminism decolonized, inclusive, and international. With better slogans & cooler signs.

Upcoming Programming

All programs are free and open to the community at the
WCCW 2425 Glover Place, 90031

Taking Up ALL the Space Vol. 2: WOC @ WCCW
Monday, April 10, 2017, 7–9pm

As part of our mission to smash White Feminism while hacking white spaces & resources, we invite womxn of color to join us in a town hall meeting on/@ the Women’s Center for Creative Work.

If you are a WOC who:

  • Has attended a WCCW event in the past but did not feel comfortable/included
  • Has never attended a WCCW event because you felt implicitly excluded
  • Has ever attended an event or program at a similar space & felt excluded, invisible, or silenced
  • Has ideas & strategies for hacking white spaces & resources to share

This event is for you!

Come print, copy, co-work, talk, hang, critique, comment, & get comfortable taking up ALL the space. Snacks provided, BYO.

Taking Up ALL the Space is a zine project by Ella Mendoza.

FPCC Zine-Making Workshop
Friday, April 14, 2017, 7–9pm
Hosted by Intersectionality NOW in collaboration with Feminist Pornographic Collective Consciousness (FPCC)

In collaboration with Intersectionality NOW, FPCC will host a zine-making workshop that starts off with a reading discussion of Feminist Pornographic Collective Consciousness, Volume 1. Some of the many questions we would like to ask include but are not limited to:

  • What does critical and ethical porn look like for folks with different identifications and lived experiences?
  • How do we as intersectional feminists dissect our desire and fear for domination, subordination, and everything in between?
  • What can pornography mean for folks who are identified as gray sexual or asexual?

In the second part of the event we will make a zine using the xerox machine. If you have images, toys, or texts you’d like to xerox please bring them to the workshop.
Due to the intimate nature of the event, we would like to save seats for 20 POC / LGBTQAI+ / differently-abled folks. If you do not identify as one of the above, you are still welcome to join and listen to the discussion. Please RSVP at to reserve your spot!
Accessibility: There are six steps, with dual handrails, leading up the front entrance, and there is a wheelchair accessible entrance through the back. (Come all the way through the adjacent parking gate and around the building). The hallways is 36″  at the narrowest from that back entrance to the main room where the event will be held. There is not a wheelchair accessible restroom. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions.

Remember, Resist and Re-Imagine
Monday, April 24, 2017, 7:30–9:30pm

Artists Heisue Chung-Matheu and Grace Hwang bring together a panel of voices to reflect on the 25th anniversary of the 1992 LA Uprisings and speak about how art has been a form of resistance and re-imagination for multiracial solidarity.

Chung-Matheu and Hwang recently performed the work “sa-yi-gu: the fire this (next) time” at Highways Performance Space, offering up the remembrance of rebellion and uprising in order to help us resist oppression today—specifically how embodying these stories and memories can serve to process, resist, remember, forget, mourn, grieve, heal, hope, and empower.

Intersectionality NOW presents:
Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Thinh Nguyen, and Seo Yun Son

Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 7–9pm
Human Resources: 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, California 90012

Transnational and intersectional perspectives on feminism encompass questions that challenge postcolonial frameworks and scrutinize the destruction carried out by Western imperialism. Intersectionality NOW invites several artists from the Asian diaspora—Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Thinh Nguyen, and Seo Yun Son—to present work exploring global migration, labor, and gender identity.

Christine Dianne Guiyangco is a Los Angeles-based artist.  She was born in Philippines in 1992 and moved to United States in 2001. Guiyangco actively works in a range of fields including performance, painting, writing, installation, video, and sculpture. She has exhibited in Space B Gallery, PØST Gallery, UCLA Hillel, New Wight Gallery, Charlie James Gallery, and Angel’s Gate Cultural Center. In 2014, she graduated with Bachelor of Arts at the University of California Los Angeles.

Thinh Nguyen’s work is a complex contemporary look at a few converging issues investigating the personal, social, cultural, and historical while innovatively engaging the public in the process. He explores formal and conceptual process in different media as a strategy to continue the development of critical exchange and aesthetic innovation. He received an MFA at Claremont Graduate University and BFA a California State University, Fullerton.

Seo Yun Son is an artist and educator living in Los Angeles, California. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. As an undocumented immigrant, her practice examines the politics of constructing one’s identity by remapping territory and citizenship as well as the circulation and progression of one’s personal memory and history.

Past Programming

Solidarity Is (Still) For White Women (Workshop)
Monday, Mar 6, 7 – 9:30pm

In this interactive workshop, we provide a space for white women to learn how to be more effective in organizing spaces shared with women of color by unpacking their white privilege, processing their guilt and shame together, and learning how to make space for others to lead and speak. If you want to be an even better ally / accomplice, this workshop is for you. If you want to understand your whiteness and its origins and consequences on a deeper level, this workshop is for you. If you’re exasperated by the phrase “check your privilege,” this workshop is definitely for you. If you went to the Women’s March and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, this workshop is for you! Facilitated by organizers from Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE).

Taking Up ALL the Space Vol. 1
Monday, Mar 13, 7-9pm

As part of our effort to smash White Feminism while hacking white spaces & resources, we invite womxn of color & radical queerdos to join us in a town hall meeting on at the Women’s Center for Creative Work. As part of our Coalitions Residency, we’re opening up the space to marginalized femmes who are implicitly excluded from fully participating. Snacks provided, BYO. Come print, copy, co-work, talk, hang, critique, comment, & get comfortable taking up ALL the space. 

Towards A Trans Inclusive Feminism (A Dinner Party)
Monday, March 20, 7-9:30pm
At Pieter Space
For this community discussion, we’re challenging the cis-centric nature of feminist organizing and practice. How can we work towards a more inclusive (expansive) definition of womanhood? Can trans women be empowered by reclaiming words used to degrade all femme folx? What language and symbols is it time to discard? What language has yet to be invented? What do all femmes gain by centering transfeminism in a movement for women’s rights? We invite trans women to frame the conversation.

This event is open to both trans women and their allies, but the space will be trans & WOC-centric. Please be mindful of the amount of space you take up as a non-trans and/or white person at this event.

Facilitated by Jennicet Gutierrez (Familia TQLM), an. cinquepalmi, Yocheved Zenaida-Cohen, and Amanda-Faye Jimenez.

Pizza (vegan options) will be provided! BYOB.

Mapping Feminist LA // Intersectionality NOW
Monday Mar 27, 7:30-9:30pm

Intersectionality NOW will join Mapping Feminist LA from 7:30–9:30pm on Monday, March 27th, to think about what defines a feminist resource and how women can be connected through various organizations and spaces in Los Angeles. In developing a web application, Mapping Feminist LA considers potential mapped locations and their impact on the local feminist landscape and establishes criteria that ensure shared resources are inclusive and intersectional.

About the Residents

Intersectionality NOW Members
Hyunjee Nicole Kim is a writer & editor residing in Los Angeles.

Nicole Kelly is a writer, maker, party planner. Co-host of bitchface, a podcast about art & feminism. Writer & medic for Feminist Pizza.
Phoebe Ünter is an independent graphic designer & journalist focused on social justice and art.