Rent Event Space at the WCCW

The WCCW is available for rent for events by other groups or organizations! We strongly suggest coming by and taking a tour before renting to get a feel for the space and facilities. WCCW Visitor Info.

Space rentals should be made at least 3 months ahead of event to secure availability. Please contact for any rental-related questions!

Areas available for rental (all area rentals include shared access to the garden, 2 bathrooms and kitchen):

1. Front Workspace: Can be set up in a variety of arrangements with tables, chairs, and floor cushions. Can accommodate approx. 60 standing, 40 seated facing forward towards a “stage” or demonstration area, 20 seated at tables or in a circle in chairs/on floor cushions.

2. Library: Library-type environment with one table and chairs accommodate 8-ish comfortably sitting or at a table.

3. Entire Space: Can accommodate about 80 people at a time, standing. Use this option if you would like access to multiple areas.


Front Workspace
By renting only the front room, you are agreeing that WCCW can continue to use the library and private offices while your event is taking place.


$25/hr Regular
$20/hr Members


$30/hr Regular or $150/day
$25/hr Members or $120/day

By renting only the library, you are agreeing that WCCW can continue to use the front workspace and private offices while your event is taking place.


$20/hr Regular
$15/hr Members


$25/hr Regular
$20/hr Members

Entire Space
Renting the entire space entitles you to full run of all the WCCW (Main workspace, library, kitchen, bathrooms, garden, and LA River access). We cannot confirm total absence of the people subletting other offices without additional conversations and potentially compensation for them.


$50/hr Regular
$35/hr WCCW Members


$60/hr Regular or $250/day
$45/hr WCCW Members or $200/day


Payments can be made via PayPal to If you need an invoice issued, please request from Sarah: Payment needs to be made or in-process in order to reserve the space and is fully refundable with cancellation until 48 hours prior to scheduled time.

Renter’s Responsibilities

Please review our Pertinent Information Booklet to get a sense of the space, including what needs to happen before, during, and after use.

If you will be responsible for opening and/or closing the space yourself for an event or rental, please schedule a time to do a walk through to familiarize yourself with our opening/closing procedures. In most cases, however, there will be a WCCW staff member there to help you.

If you are at the space to visit, install, or set-up during workspace hours (Monday–Friday 10am–6pm), please also review our WCCW Workspace Guidelines listed at the bottom of our Workspace Info Page and abide by them when in the space during these times.

WCCW’s primary function during the week is as an office and workcenter, installation or set-up for events must not interfere with this function. If front workspace is needed for install, set-up, and clean-up during workspace hours, rental fees will apply. If the rental is for a more elaborate project or event, renter should come for a meeting to make an plan a week or so before the event.

It may be possible for WCCW to provide some set-up or material help for rental events. Please outline these and confirm possibility when making the reservation.

WCCW is a small not for profit organization. We do not have a clean-up crew. All clean-up needs to happen collaboratively between the renter and WCCW staff immediately after the event. We cannot host anything that requires specialty (beyond household) cleaning supplies.


Unless otherwise discussed, there will be one or more WCCW staff person(s) staffing during your rental. They will open and close the space and help with anything needed during rental.