Collection/Collaboration Call for Proposals


A WCCW residency with /five at The Huntington


Call for Proposals

WCCW seeks proposals for projects to be executed in 2017, as part of a collaboration with The Huntington. We invite artists, writers, musicians, performers, dancers, and other creative producers to dig deeply into one of the three collecting areas of The Huntington, executing a personal project, and then to work collaboratively with other artists on a final public program or presentation.

Projects are encouraged to engage questions surrounding collecting: Who is involved in the process of collecting?  What does it mean to encounter a collection?  Who has access to the collections, and at what levels?  What responsibilities come with being a library, a museum, and a botanical garden that collects physical objects of all sorts in an increasingly digital and virtual world?  We are especially interested in projects that foreground these questions and their intersections with race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability.

Each project must work under the umbrella of one of the main collecting bodies: The Library, Art Collection, or Gardens. Each project should also engage in an in-depth way with one of the specific objects, groups of objects, or themes within these collecting bodies.

The Huntington curators have identified objects/issues/topics, below, that might be of special interest, and we encourage engagement with them, but also welcome proposals outside of these suggestions

WCCW will be selecting six artists total, and will create collaborative groups, with one artist engaging with the art collections, one engaging with the library, and one engaging with the gardens in each. Artists will have access to the collections from March–August, with culminating public projects presented in the final months of that period. The artists will work both to execute their own individual projects, and in collaboration to produce a final public project, event, or program (i.e., a performance event, a print edition, a podcast, etc…)

The entire program will culminate in a small gallery exhibition from in the Fall of 2017 which will highlight the projects and collaborations produced by each of the artists and groups. The exhibition will juxtapose the works created during the program with items from the various collections that they engaged with. Public programs in connection with the exhibition such as artist talks, screenings, or discussions, will take place monthly from October-December.

Stipends of approximately $5,000 awarded to each artist.

Potential Collections of Interest

American art suggestions:

European art suggestions:

  • 18th-century British portraiture (there are some fascinating images of women, in particular, Sarah Siddons, Penelope Ligonier, Duchess of Devonshire, Emma Hamilton)
  • Important role of Arabella in Huntington (Collis and Henry) art collecting
  • British 18th– and 19th-century satirical drawings
  • Coade-stone torchere in gallery 215 is a charming object and is a revolutionary material (coade stone) invented by a woman
  • Arts & Crafts material, much of which was designed by men but made by women (Cinderella tile panel, Voysey embroidery, Crane cabinet)

Botanical + HEH Grounds

  • The economic and other reasons behind the names of roses (most are female names)
  • Riparian rights and issues around water at the Huntington
  • Transition from agricultural to cultivated landscape. One interesting factoid: Mr. Huntington planted a few avocado seeds (a gift from the chef of Los Angeles’ Jonathan Club) that became a grove in what is now the main parking lot. These trees are considered the last surviving members of California’s first commercial avocado grove. The parking lot is now planted mostly with drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and groundcovers.
  • Looking at unused, uncultivated, strange spaces.
  • Taking one or several gardens as a container for specific collections: Desert, Chinese, Japanese, Australian, Jungle, Palm, Subtropical, California, Rose, Camellia etc.



Application Protocol

To apply, please send a proposal in the form of a single PDF including the following:

  1. Description of the project you are proposing, including overarching collecting body (Library, Art Collection, or Gardens) you propose working with and specific collection within that body. Please also delineate your experience with collaborative projects. (Up to 2 pages)
  2. There is an expectation of some documentation and reporting during the run of project. Please include an outline of your project process, identifying some potential opportunities for thinking through modes of production, circulation and distribution of your project process documentation (Small-run print or screen publications, social media, website presence, podcast, video, etc…) (1 Page)
  3. 2-page CV, starting with 1 Paragraph Bio
  4. 5-10 Work Samples (please include any links to audio or video in PDF)

Please submit to with the header “Huntington Application” by midnight on Sunday, March 5, 2017. Applications which are not formatted according to specifications or received after deadline will not be considered.