Native Plant Garden

Our native plant garden was created and is maintained by WCCW node, Earth Activation Group, led by Sarah Rara, Becky Stark & Jeff Hutchison. The earth activation group is dedicated to Re-Aligning Humans with the Earth, most usually in the form of native plant and pollinator garden education and activation. They maintain our garden and outside areas. A connected project to the Earth Activation Group is a choir called the LA River Choir or the LA Ladies Choir, which can sometimes be heard singing out back by the river and participates in Earth Activation events.

Earth Activation Group is a node of the WCCW, which means that it is a discrete project or practice which operates on the WCCW campus. Nodes use the WCCW space, network, and institutional structure in an ongoing way while simultaneously elevating the resources available to WCCW members and/or the larger community.