FeM Synth Lab

Thursday June 29, 7:30pm- 9:30pm
Thursday July 27, 7:30pm- 9:30pm
Hosted by Natalie Robehmed, Sophia Elliot and kora colasuonno
Free (This workshop may go over capacity– please arrive early to assure a spot!)

What are synthesizers? How do they work? What can synths sound like? How can we use them to make electronic music?

Despite women’s roles in pioneering these machines, they remain largely invisible in the cis-male-dominated field of synth-based electronic music. But women like Elysia Crampton, FKA Twigs, Antenes and Aurora Halal continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with synths. And there are so many more femmes to be heard.

This is a hands-on introduction to using synthesizers to make music. Through discussion, skill-sharing, and experimentation with equipment we provide, you will learn what synthesizers are, how they can make sounds, and how to use those sounds in your own music-making.

This event prioritizes femme-identified women and non-binary persons. We ask that our cis male allies and friends respectfully do not attend, as we recognize that electronic music is very much dominated by cis men.

We hope to create an inclusive space for exploring what’s possible with synths. Absolutely no experience is necessary!

June event: 

July event: 

Natalie Robehmed is a writer, musician, DJ and producer of electronic music. She has released as part of the duo DIVORCE (Sweat Equity, NY) and is working on a solo hardware project.

Sophia Elliot is a 25 year old music producer who has avidly composed for the past 10 years. She gathers inspiration from nature and her environment to combine organic sounds with the electronic. Using elements of synthesizers, samples, personal recordings and both.

kora colasuonno enjoys making meatspace a less oppressive place, playing with sound, skateboarding, and hanging out with her cat-friend.