Community Programming

These regularly-scheduled events are hosted at the WCCW by our community members. A great way for newcomers to get to know the WCCW! All community programs are free or donation based.

Accountability Night with Alliance of Visual Artists
Hosted by AVA

AVA holds monthly gatherings to help each other stay accountable to our goals. At each meeting we will briefly discuss different approaches to holding ourselves accountable and as a group vocalize our goals.

The majority of the meeting time will be dedicated to working: whether it’s applying for a grant, searching for grants and opportunities, submitting work to a call, finish editing or updating your bio, writing your intentions for the next year(s), drawing and brainstorming, etc.  This is also a great opportunity to bring work or applications that you have already started and need help editing. We’ll provide writing materials, but feel free bring a laptop, journal, or any tool that might help you. We have also reserved the library room for those that need time in an extra quiet space to work. We will end the night with a social hour.

Alliance of Visual Artists is an intersectional feminist collective of L.A. based artists. Our mission is to foster community among local artists to inspire action, opportunities and platforms to network, learn, educate, and empower.

Community Chorus
Hosted by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs

Vocalizing is an act of protest!

Community Chorus is a bi-monthly safe singing space and activist chorus that will be on-call for protests, rallies, marches, and community-building events. Our goal is to provide an additional platform where participants can rally together in a collective expression of commitment to justice, bravery, beauty, change, action, protest, dissent.

The chorus requires no audition/prior skill, and no commitment. Chorus leader Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs holds bi-monthly 90 minute gatherings with live accompaniment and monthly guest presenters.

Contemporary culture conditions the vast majority of us to feel aversion to our own voices – singing as well as speaking. Weekly Community Chorus classes will help participants become more comfortable with their own voices and the act of singing out.

*Organizers and activists: please contact to inform Community Chorus of protests, marches, rallies, and justice-oriented events.

Critique Night
Hosted by Amelia Steely
This is monthly group critique night, moderated by Amelia Steely. Folks share what they do, offer feedback, and get to know other artists in their community. Each month, four artists present their work at a different LA-based artist’s studio. This event is free, but space is limited. Email to sign up and get details.

FeM Synth Lab
Hosted by Natalie Robehmed, Sophia Elliot and kora colasuonno
FeM Synth Lab is a free recurring monthly night for womxn and non-binary folx to learn how to use hardware for electronic music production, meet others, and make music together.

Feminist Reading Group
Hosted by Dawn Finley & Eileen Ybarra
The Feminist Reading Group is a community working to understand ourselves, the worlds we occupy, and the texts we read in deep, truthful, respectful, and joyful ways. The Group explores many themes: feminist histories, race, class, gender, space, sexuality, art-making, culture, creative practices, relationship,
conflict, globalism, family, colonialism, media, aging, work, organizing, reading, politics, writing, activism, and technology, among others. Members are invited to participate in an open process of sharing, to be generous and honest with ourselves and others through our thoughts and actions, when speaking and when listening. Join the email list for more info!

Hey Baby
Hosted by Gilda Davidian
Hey Baby is a meet-up group for feminist parents and their babies. Email for location and details.

How We Organize
Hosted by Sophie Trauberman
This is a reading and discussion group that invites conversation between artists, organizers, and anyone else interested in discussing, critiquing, and imagining alternatives to the non-profit organization as the best model for organizing communities. Readings from The Revolution Will Not Be Funded, an anthology of essays about the industrialization of the non-profit organization model, edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence– as well as texts about critiquing the non-profit model for arts organization will be the foundation for our conversation.

Mapping Feminist LA
Hosted by Leana Scott
Mapping Feminist LA is a working group developing a collaborative map of feminist resources in LA.

One Axe Plays
Directed by April Wolfe
One Axe Plays is a film & theater collective for women writers, directors, actors, comedians, and those who defy categories. Through group showcases, singular productions, short films, and the Pilot Light reading series, they promote the work and stories of women and build a thriving network, where creators can collaborate and consistently produce high-quality pieces for public enjoyment. In other words: they meet and make.

Hosted by Harpreet Kaur
Join Harpreet Kaur for Yoga at WCCW every other Saturday from 10-11:30am. Bring your own mat and water. $5-10 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.